"How much data can a player process BEFORE he or she receives a ball?"

-President Mark Noorzai on Process Play

Eric Wynalda, JP, and Alexander joins us at training

B2005 White get Premier started in Orange County

BF310 boys after a session with Coach Brad

B2005 Blue take on Premier in Orange County

B2007 looking sharp to take on Gold!

B2006 ready to go for league!

G2008 debuting the new uniforms!

B2011 before their first official BF310 game!


-All BF310 teams kick off the season with Coast League!

Link to new guidelines:  Outdoor and Indoor Youth and Recreational Adult Sports

-Brad Friedel joins BF310 players on a Zoom call, see the full interview on our YouTube page

-Open try outs for all BF310 teams - Limited space available so please RSVP

-BF310 awards over $50,000 worth of College Scholarships to our players & families


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